Nyaa is dead. While we are grieving the loss of one of the biggest anime-related BitTorrent site, here is a brief guide for our non-Chinese audiences to find our work.

For our old releases posted on Nyaa (prior to 2017.05.01), check out AcgnX Torrent or Nyaa Pantsu and search for “vcb”. There you can still find the English version of our release notes and magnet links for downloading.

For future releases, check out Bangumi Moe. It has an English website, and we have been posting our work on it for quite a while. We will continue to post there, but adding English release notes as well. As always, we will post all the links to the torrent sites here, so if you’ve been following our website, just choose the links to bangumi.moe from now on instead of nyaa.se.

Stay tuned and don’t panic.

Updated on 2017.05.17: From now on you can also find our releases on AcgnX Torrent.

(image credit: ue)

Project list / 作品项目列表

(image credit: きみしま青) 新年快乐! (画了两张大饼,预计 2021 年内能够完成……大概) Online Docs / 在线表格 Google Sheet Notes / 注释: UID / RS /...


关于禁止转载本组作品至 U2 的声明

即日起禁止将本组新老项目和作品搬运至 U2。 如发现搬运,请路过的游客以本文为凭投反对或举报。 有些与字幕组 / 其他 raw 组合作的番剧,如果用本组账号发布...


VCB-Studio 2020 夏季组员招募(已截止)

大家暑假快乐(暑假都快过完了),这次招新分流组提前发车啦。欢迎大家来分流组一起 battle。 由于最近观察到分流组出现了流量不平衡的情况,老组员不断退役...


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    1. 并不这么认为,nyaa.si 从站点形式和与 nyaa.se 的区别上来看,是完全新写的。而且可以注意到,旧的发布是只有 magnet url 的,显然这个站并没有完整的原来 nyaa.se 的数据。如果说随便哪个人建一个镜像站套个 nyaa 的名号都算复活的话,那早活了(笑

  1. nyaa用得最多的就是搜索后点size排序…而且不是单页的排序是全局的,还没有找到另一个能像这样做的网站,AcgnX Torrent也变成单页排序了_(:з」∠)_

    1. Looks good. Didn’t know they also have a Nyaa archive with English interface as well.

      Added to the main post. It never hurts to have more alternatives especially Nyaa Pantsu was offline for an entire day yesterday…