Team VCB-Studio has a specific group called “Group of Technical Directors”, a.k.a. “Scripters”.  They are the ones who primarily decide what animes we will do, how to do the pre-processing, how to balance encoding parameters, and assign the tasks to other team members. When a project is nearly complete, the same person is also responsible for quality assurance, screenshots, etc.

The group of scripters functions as the heart for the entire team, and the start of the project pipeline. Each qualified member is automatically promoted to the management committee. So it should be no surprise that we need people with both technical skills and solid personalities. Training courses, usually organized once every two or three years, take easily half a year long.

We are about to organize another round of training this coming spring, and we are looking for talents that (ideally):

  1. Pursuing university courses or graduate courses currently, with at least two more years expected in school. Once you are employed full-time, you just don’t have time for this. A plan for further graduate study counts as additional years in school.
  2. Studying in science, engineering, or CS background. Not to discriminate against arts or literature students, but you probably can’t even pass the entry test below.
  3. Having a passion for anime sharing. This is not something for profit nor academy. Most people start with the desire to encode their own waifus. Then it’s the sense of responsibility for the team that supports us moving on.
  4. Identifying yourself as a team player. Be ready to comply with our policies and disciplines, hide your pride towards teammates and supervisors, and coordinate with other team members even if you think you’d better solo everything.
  5. Not suffering from depression or other mental diseases. Somehow we have a consistent track record of attracting people with mild depression, who randomly disappear later without finishing their own nominated projects.

Should you think you are ready, take the entry test below. Instructions have been given in Entry Test.pdf:


As most of you probably noticed, we are slowing down in delivering new projects, and we are abandoning long-overdue projects. This is because the current scripters are retiring, or becoming less active, as most of us just don’t have enough time. If we don’t get enough new hands, we’ll have to either level down our quality (e.g. no pre-processing or fine-tuning), or stop undertaking new projects. That means the end of VCB-Studio de facto.

Before that worst-case scenario realizes, let’s see whether you can be part of the help.

Project list / 作品项目列表

(image credit: ふわり) “总之趁年轻就要多吃肉。人只要能吃到肉,就会变得幸福。”——贝木泥舟 (画了两张大饼,预计 2021 年内能够完成……大概) Online Doc...


关于禁止转载本组作品至 U2 的声明

即日起禁止将本组新老项目和作品搬运至 U2。 如发现搬运,请路过的游客以本文为凭投反对或举报。 有些与字幕组 / 其他 raw 组合作的番剧,如果用本组账号发布...


VCB-Studio 2020 夏季组员招募(已截止)

大家暑假快乐(暑假都快过完了),这次招新分流组提前发车啦。欢迎大家来分流组一起 battle。 由于最近观察到分流组出现了流量不平衡的情况,老组员不断退役...


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      1. 是很为难,百度云没有全球加速的节点,我就算有SVIP我这下载速度也快不到哪里去。另外我也很好奇为什么一定要用百度云,好用的付费网盘也有不少。而且正经上过学的学校应该也会给Google drive或者one drive的吧。

        1. 到底是什么给了你组内人均在海外上学的错觉?在国内OD裸连那速度比度盘没svp都慢,GD挂梯子你得考虑流量够用么


          1. 我没有你所说的错觉,也不清楚你怎么会有这种想法。one drive的话中国的学校应该也会有给。你在加州也许离中国近速度会快一点吧,我用其他的网盘速度都是100M/s,唯独百度云1M/s不到

            1. 1. 国内给本科生 OD (世纪互联)甚至是 edu 邮箱的都不多。(这里不讨论国外的 OD 因为没有连接性可言
              2. 队内还是有不少成员没有 OD(世纪互联)可以使用的,而且不是有一定钱可以买到的。
              2. OD(世纪互联)速度和稳定性其实也不咋地,和百度云 SVIP 比起来还是有差距。
              4. 为什么这里都在讨论国内?组内固然有不少海外党(包括我),但是大部分人在大陆。所以,作为少数的那一部分,是要去考虑自己和中国大陆的组员网络链路问题。让多数人来适应少数人显然是不现实的。

              1. od世纪互联家庭版能买到,就是比国际版贵点

                1. 买教育号是野路子随时有可能翻车,家庭版我不确定是不是走世纪互联线路,但是也就 1 TB 空间,对于我们的工作开始有些不够用。

            2. 你的错觉至少从你的字里行间是可以看得出来的,“ 正经上过学的学校应该也会给Google drive或者one drive的吧”

            3. 现在压制组的组成人员大多是国内工作党,而非学生党为主。毕竟招新要求的PC配置越来越高,对学生党并不实用。要凑齐一队完全使用OD/GD的STAFF组员也不是做不到,拜托分流组的同学转存网盘也可行。但是要让多数人迁就你,还要看你有没有这个实力。(有实力的应该可以自备一个分流盒子用来转存文件的)

      1. You are looking for talents that (ideally):

        6. Not allergic to Baidu Inc. Our group often uses Baidu NetDisk for sharing and transfering documents or files. Please make sure you have a Baidu NetDisk SVIP account.

    1. 回复给熊培林: 这倒无妨。这个东西不需要什么大学里的图像处理知识。你看我要求里根本没写什么Digital Graphis字眼