VCB-S 全心全意地支持 IEEE 的倡议,并热情地加入到他们促进多样性和性别平等的努力中。
At VCB-S, we wholeheartedly support the IEEE’s initiative and enthusiastically join in their efforts to promote diversity and gender equality.

在促进学术研究的包容性和多样性方面,IEEE 计算机协会最近宣布了一项重要举措,即决定不再接受包含臭名昭著的 “Lenna 图像” 的论文。此图片源于 1972 年的《花花公子》封面,经常被用于图像处理研究。由于其物化女性的特点,长期以来围绕其使用是否合适一直引发着各种争论。
In a pivotal move towards fostering inclusivity and diversity in academic research, the IEEE Computer Society recently announced its decision to discontinue the acceptance of papers featuring the infamous “Lenna image.” This image, originating from a 1972 Playboy centerfold and frequently employed in image processing research, has long sparked debates over its appropriateness due to its objectification of women.

国际电气和电子工程师学会(IEEE)的这一决定符合其促进包容和公平文化的承诺,标志着在承认和解决计算机科学领域女性的关切方面迈出了重要一步。通过尊重图片中模特 Lena Forsén 的意愿,IEEE 重申其致力于为所有人创造一个受欢迎的环境。
The IEEE’s decision, made in alignment with its commitment to promoting an inclusive and equitable culture, marks a significant step forward in acknowledging and addressing the concerns of women in the field of computer science. By respecting the wishes of Lena Forsén, the model depicted in the image, the IEEE reaffirms its dedication to creating a welcoming environment for all individuals.

我们认识到,反对使用可能被视为有辱人格或物化三次元 二次元中女性的素材具有重要意义。 因此,我们自豪地宣布,自 2024 年 4 月 1 日起,VCB-S 将在今后的发布中禁止使用涩图截图。
We recognize the significance of a stand against the use of material that may be perceived as degrading or objectifying to both women in three-dimensional and two-dimensional space. Thus, we are proud to announce that VCB-S will be implementing a ban on suggestive screenshots in our future publications starting April 1st, 2024.
Moving forward, we will strengthen our internal review process and censorship efforts against attempts to carry private goods and press technical directors to be mindful of the suggestive contents of the animation when initiating new ripping projects, while ensuring that they align with our commitment to sexual diversity and inclusivity – notably on BL, GL, futanari and otokonoko themes. Taking it a step further, we will take the tease content in the animation and process it with an advanced neural network model for adaptive censoring.
Together, we can foster a culture of respect and equality in the ripping circle, paving the way for a brighter future for all.

Project list / 作品项目列表

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在 Windows 系统中启用长路径功能

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VCB-Studio 2024 冬季组员招募(已截止)

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